Rubber Petplay

rubber pet play

Obviously I adore hoods, my favourite kink, however, is Rubber Petplay. This latex kitty with a collar around her neck reading ‘SpikeyO’ turned up chez moi, and I couldn’t help but capture the moment before she flickered her tail in the air and disappeared back down the stairway….

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Kitty is SpikeyO –
Photos by Rachel May –

Lady Bellatrix in the HOOD

A brand new EXCLUSIVE set for Lady Bellatrix wears a Latex Nemesis hood, Miss Olympia Latex collar, shiny tight black catsuit, corset and thigh-high ballet heels! Can you add any extra fetish to that? Ok – perfectly manicured bright red nails, plump and sensuous red lips and a silver, spiky wartenburg wheel. Check it > Join Now

Lady Bellatrix –
Photos by Rachel May –

Miss Kim’s Hood Lovers piece on Scene Magazine

024Hoods are my top ‘fetish’ loves. I got my first one when I worked at Zeigeist (fetish shop) on the Holloway Road London N7. It was a laced-back Libidex hood in VERY thin latex…just like a second skin. This ultra-thin latex is notoriously hard to work with. However this hood was made at the skilled hands of Helen Saffary the original owner of Libidex. She still lives in East London and I see her rushing by my house sometimes…. Read More >
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Hello world!

The official launch of at Rubber Cult on the 7th December, 2013. Kim Williams-Rub and Rachel May are relaunching Kim’s legendary site devoted to the art of masking. See you on the 7th X